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          	To those of you reading TLV and waiting for updates, I'm so sorry to make you guys wait so long. But where I was a student before and could manage to make time for writing, it's no more the same and I've long shifts to work at the hospital. So please be patient with me.
          	If you're reading this message, send me your prayers that Allah ease my affairs for me.
          	Sending you all love,


@growingupinsane stay safe and healthy and don't overwork yourself . Give your self enough time and and be happy  


Be safe and may Allah ease it for you❤️


Eat healthy and don't tire yourself, Laiba dear. I know as a doctor how hard it is to maintain everything. But we don't want to pressure you at this point for not writing nor do we want you to give it more importance than your work. I pray to Allah SWT to help you ease your affairs and keep you safe and sound. You're precious to us. So don't tire yourself. May Allah be with you and may He keep you determined <3


When will you update next  ?? :<((


Just completed "Heart of gold" . Just wanna say you nailed it girl, you literally ate and left no crumbs! 
          I am obsessed with your writting. I never thought I would be this emotionally connected to a frictional character but you changed my whole damn perspective. 
          Keep up girl! 


@limebebe thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️


Hello dear author, khalifa and Mallika are the first two books I read on joining Wattpad. They will always stay close to my heart. I can describe them only in 1 word, "Awesome". I have been enthralled by the sheer brilliance of your writing. I read them a few months ago and back then I never commented but now I have started doing, so I felt the need to return to these gems. Just wanted to let you know that these two books are amazing. My very best wishes to you !!


@SNOOPYISMYUSERNAME hi, thank you so much ❤️ glad you liked the series. 


I recently finished reading Malika and Khalifa, two of your works. These novels are timeless masterpieces that defy words to express how amazing they are. It is now my all-time favorite, it is written so beautifully and there are not enough words to describe your storyline and writing skills. I adored how the stories depicted violence, betrayal , romance, a hint of humor and so much more. It seemed as though I was reading that book and experiencing the narrative firsthand. I look forward to reading the rest of your books. And I am really glad I came across your books. Stay blessed and happy.


@mystery-princess hi, thank you so much ❤️ glad to know you enjoyed the books. 


Salam sis! I know you are busy but if you see me, just to let you know I literally lost my account dark_panther78 on Instagram and have another account there i.e dark_panther79 (I know it sounds stupid) Also if u could take out time and gimme a shout out on your story (on insta ofc)I will be so greatful!


Salaam alaikum. I wrote to you in past about your book khalifa. This is me again writing about it for the second time. My mom too have become your fan about your book “Khalifa” and  “Once In A Blue Moon” .  I can't seem to take your story out of my mind! I have read it like 4 times now! I have become bit obsessed about the characters and the plot! Never knew one could portray a bad in such a good way that can make anyone fall for the characters. It's like falling in love with the story and it's characters all over again whenever I read this book. You got us hooked with the magic in your stories. And to mention about the character of “Adam" , I myself have become a fan of him. I wish to see your books in paper back or hard cover inshallah in near future dear.  And I heartily wish you a great success ahead. I don't know much about you personally but feels like you are kind of a magical person yourself.


@Fatima291534 walaikum asalam, jazakallah khayr. Happy to know my books could make a place in your heart. Ameen to your prayers and well wishes. May Allah be pleased with you ❤️


Hey laiba hope you'll be doing well in your life how was your graduation though! I just completed your books Khalifa and Malika and I have to say what a wonderful experience I had while reading your books and what a compelling narrative it was I'm an avid reader and no man has ever made me blushed like Adam . I thought it's best to write an appreciation post for a hard working writer from another writer!  every time reading both books I wished I could have them in paperback , keep writing such wonderful books looking forward for other stories.


@ZellaArcher3 hi, thank you for reading my books and for leaving this kind message. I'm glad that you liked them. The graduation sure was a milestone to achieve and a sweet memory, thank you for asking ❤️