He/Him, I'm a guy if you couldn't guess🤠

Stuff about me:
-I'm bi
-And trans
-I have a Tic disorder
-I'm pretty short :(
-I used to write poetry oops.
-I'm a minor, don't sexualise me, pretty please and thank you.

Fandoms I kinda am/am in:
Voltron (dishonour on my family)
Hamilton (dishonour on my cow I'm not associated with the continent of North America at all and yet I've watched Hamilton s o. m a n y. t i m e s.)
Full metal alchemist
Fnaf (kinda and it was an accident lol)
Rebel of the sands (is there even much of a fandom?? idk)
Skulduggery Pleasant
SheRa and the Princesses Of Power
Spider man anything, I live for it
The Dragon Prince
Idk there's too many to name and most of them probably aren't well known???

So uh yeah, I just read on here now I think?
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