haven’t been on here a while oof hello 


uhhh no. i don’t think so if you think that’s the case then you’re dead wrong 


Hi fam! Can you?--
          Taelien: follow alien! I'll take you my world if you do! 
          Imyourhope: nah.. im your hope, im your angel, jhope, follow yourhope! 
          Taelien:no! Follow alien! Its way more beautiful than jhopes'
          Imyourhope: noo mee!!! 
          Handsome: Hey Stob it! 
          Imyourhope: but--
          Handsome: no buts! 
          Pussydestroyer: hey guys look have a new sun glasse- (broke the sunglasses) uhh.. nevermind
          Fckyou: follow swag! 
          Fckyou: and guys look there a book of me! It's called "Your Voice" you should check it out! 
          Pussydestroyer: hey guys look i fix-- 
          Jimout: exjuse me~
          Pussydestroyer: Jimin you got no jams! 
          iikookie: hey guys j heard that author nim is working on a story! And It's called "Other Dimension" you should check it out if itsw finally out! Like Jimout
          Fckyou: just read my username <
          iikookie: sorry hyung for disappointing you alright jimin is yours
          Fckyou: good
          Taelien: how about following TaeTaerritory! That's how it works
          Pussydestroyer: work what? 
          Taelien: i don't know
          Pussydestroyer: maybe i can destroy it! 
          Handsome: hey! Destroying everything is enough! 
          Imyourhope: you know guys don't let the reader get disappointed ok, she's damn beautiful, and he's handsome if he's a boy
          Handsome: no I'm the handsomest 
          Jimout: you know guys, let's just say goodbye and we're dome damn
          All: (nodded) 
          Pussydestroyer: hana, dull, se--
          All: Goodbye!!!!!!!


this message may be offensive
@ gayhub  
            I'm an 3 years ARMY now.. I know that Tae said that.. but their nicknames are not that annoying nor cringey 
            So.. You're new? Many army's love their jokes how about you? Do love their jokes?.. so if you then love them you should love their jokes too.. 
            What a shit.. you call  their jokes " cringey "?? 
            The scenarios there are based on their true being..  
            But yes i called "YOUR MAN" an Alien and i apologize that.. 
            And im not living in the past! What do you call myself here? Time traveler? Sorry but I'm not 
            And, Nah i hate educating 


this message may be offensive
sorry Mr. 
            first, i'm talking to her acc not yours .. so please stop it .. 
            second, i don't mind if you find them "old ass cringey 2014 jokes",  " offensive" "annoying" the fact that i found so many friends because of this.. they can't find them the way you did .. 
            third, sorry but you're a little asshole or what they call "immature" 
            sorry for saying that .. but 
            nothing is offensive in that message nor annoying .. PLEASE ACCEPT THAT