As a consumer of fantasy novels, I  have an insatiable hunger for discovering the creativity, plots, characters and landscapes forged by the brilliant minds of others. Much of my time is spent reflecting on both the simple and the complex concepts found various novels. This stimulates my own imagination to create a fantasy story of my own liking, and since I keep reading, it keeps changing. I am currently writing a fantasy trilogy, and each part will be a fairly short story. But since I'm in college and working, it may take me a while.
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    4 years ago
grammar_slammer grammar_slammer 4 years ago
@RichardStaschy Oh holy cow! I did not know you wrote Dragon's Nest! I really like how you developed the story. I think it was very original ---> "I'm gonna be a dad!" LOL.
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The Etherworld Giant

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Description: A lone Giant once took part in a war to bring freedom to an oppressed and despised people. But when their success in gaining freedom was followed by the desire for conquest, his honor forbade him from taking f...


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