As a consumer of fantasy novels, I  have an insatiable hunger for discovering the creativity, plots, characters and landscapes forged by the brilliant minds of others. Much of my time is spent reflecting on both the simple and the complex concepts found various novels. This stimulates my own imagination to create a fantasy story of my own liking, and since I keep reading, it keeps changing. I am currently writing a fantasy trilogy, and each part will be a fairly short story. But since I'm in college and working, it may take me a while.
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The Etherworld Giant

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Description: A lone Giant once took part in a war to bring freedom to an oppressed and despised people. But when their success in gaining freedom was followed by the desire for conquest, his honor forbade him from taking further part. He means to return to peace...

I know there may be some inconsistencies with some of the previous chapters, but I've unofficially changed the direction things are going (and where they came from), so just play along, be patient, and most of all enjoy the read! I will worry about editing the previous chapters to match my current story progression at a later date. Thanks!

Oh boy! Creating and writing an original story is hard work. I'm a few years older now, and have had a long time to think over the storyline. There have been so many mental revision, I could end up having 3-4 different stories based on this one. But I've decided that I'll take this story to an end before I tackle the others I've spawned, even if it ends up shorter than I originally intended. But I hope that you'll enjoy the ride :)