Heya :)

My name is Judith, I live in Adelaide, Australia.

The main important part of my life is my wonderful partner. He is my world.

I haven't written in a while (a while being 2 years) I've had the biggest writers block and have just been way too busy.Now, I am trying to get back into it, as it was an amazing, thrilling hobby and one day if I am lucky enough I'd like to make a career out of it.

I used to write every waking hour of my day.

Anyways wish me luck :)

Enjoy and ALWAYS give me your honest truth!!!

Thanks soo much for reading this!!!

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    Adelaide, South Australia
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    Jan 03, 2012 01:27PM

graciejgibbs graciejgibbs Feb 10, 2012 11:12PM
@TammyJSkura ill be adding more soon just been busy with skwl :)
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