new chapter of In Love With My Best Friend coming ASAP!! :)


hi I was just wondering if you had socials that followers could follow? No big deal if you don’t and I really like your book :)


hey I read ur book in about 2 days lol I love it!! I noticed you haven't updated in awhile, and im curious to know if ur okay. I hope you are, especially during this time. hopefully youre safe, and whether you finish the book or not, thanks anyway. i loved reading it <3


I am okay & just updated! :) I’m a sophomore in college so I’ve been super busy but I’ll try to update faster for you guys! <3


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Dear @gracen00, 
          I hope you're doing well in this time of struggle, I just wanted to say I love your story and I hope you can update it soon. I've probably reread it at least twice while waiting for an update. Thank you for giving us this amazing read. 
          Sincerely, @TheEMERALDGirl23, a fellow Wattpad reader and writer


Dear @gracen00
          How’s life?
          I figure you’re either having writers block, busy as hell, tired of the book, first two or all three!
          It tough being an author yeah?
          Anyways... great story. Looking forward to the completion. It’s really given me ideas on how to continue with mine.
          I just want to say... it’s totally ok if you’re just tired of the story. It’s completely normal. (And maybe you already know that and I’m shooting air here.) But I would feel really bad if you felt compelled to finish the story just because... and then gave it a wacky or tacky ending.
          You’re too good an author to sell yourself that short.
          So... I’d love an update... but your sense of, i don’t know, creativity (?) deserves as much space as it like to refuel.
          Well yep! I said my piece! Hopefully you’ll finish... but if not...
          I want to see more from ya!