Who is Goldie68? I am a mom, a teacher and media specialist. Therefore, I read ALL THE TIME!! As a middle school media specialist, I realized that there are no Christian romance novels for teens! So, why not write my own? Since then I have written an Adventure with Mistaken Identity and my first Historical Fiction with The Light Keeper's Daughter. I just completed the first part of Dream a Little Dream which is one of my favorites!! (But if I'm being honest... my last story is ALWAYS my favorite!!) Because of life and family, I stopped writing for a while. I want to start again, so I am writing Ramblings. If you want to join me on this crazy adventure, come along for the ride. I don't know where I'm going yet...but I hope to make it fun!

My writing is not perfect, but once I allow the story and the characters to rattle around in my mind, they begin speaking to me and I have to write their story! So, what's next? I promised Franklin would have a story... so a sequel to The Light Keeper's Daughter will be next on my plate. What adventure will he find as he travels on one of his families shipping vessels? We will have to wait and see!
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Description: Ramblings: Of a Mostly Sane Woman is just what it says... What you see is what you get and in these pages you will see the real me! Turn the page if you want honesty, integrity...and maybe a little crazy! Cause in the south we don't lock our crazy...

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dellyphatty posted a message to goldie68
omg you are such an awesome writer!!! I love your stories so much.... currently reading spiritual networking... its beyond awesome.... keep doing what you're doing! you really motivates alot... GOD BLESS YOU. 
beautylove143 posted a message to goldie68
You have no idea how long i have been looking for christian romance i love reading but it's hard to find something appropriate. So thank you for  starting this ministry :)
girlinshades posted a message to goldie68
I love that you incorporated God into your stories. I think we all need to know that God is interested in every aspect of our lives. Thank you for deciding to be among the few who stand out.
EmilyLuo7 posted a message to goldie68
Hi, came across your books and I find them such a treasure. So far I have not read books from a writer who incorporates bible verses and scriptures in non christian books. It helps to remind us that day to day we need GOD to be the center point and guide us. Thank you!
      - Emily
I know I have not been writing much with everything that has gone on these past few years. I really want to, but I'm sure you will understand. I can't move on past Dream a Little Dream...yet I can't work on it because of Steve's death. A friend called today and told me they thought it might be therapeutic for me to read it, and finish it. I hope to have some time in the months ahead to read it again, and hopefully write again.
      I do have some exciting news. Yesterday I was contacted by Wattpad. They asked if they could add The Light Keeper's Daughter to the Featured Stories list. Of course I said YES! This is my third story to be featured on Wattpad! 
      One last word for tonight...love your loved ones with all your heart, pull them closer for a hug. Follow your dreams and use your gifts that God has given you. And live your life to the fullest. And most importantly, if you are not ready to meet God, don't wait one more moment before you make things right with Him.
      Love you guys and I thank you for your support, and patience as I go through this time of my life.
      Anita aka Goldie68