Bye everyone, thanks


@goatgoatWasFound you'll never see this, but hope you're doing better <3


O7 bye goat, everyone will miss you. Hope your happy rn


hey there !!
          i just finished your book :3
          i was literally sitting and squealing the whole time! every chapter was so well written- i’m a nerd who notices stuff like line spacing and word rhythm and i can say yours was perfect-
          i was hooked on every chapter, i think you portrayed everyone wonderfully and the plot idea was just amazing
          but hey i respect your decision and i hope that you’re doing alright 
          just wanted you to know this story was definitely one of the best i have ever read.


          You are an amazing writer, and as much as I'll miss you, I admire your ability to truly move on! 
          Your book inspired me, I looked up to you because of it. Your level of writing skills was something higher then mine, I knew I would only dream to reach that point.
          But now I also look up to you for your decisions. If I were in your place, I probably would have said I was quitting, then just wrote another message saying I was back a week later, since I can't seem to stay away. It's like an addiction for me.
          I truly do look up to you, and because of that, I respect your decisions. I respect that you wanted to quit, because everyone should have the same ability to do things freely. You, along with other writers, have the ability to quit. That's a privilege and right that everyone has. 
          I will forever look up to you, and I believe that one day I'll reach your writing skills. Maybe even surpass you, that would be a dream come true. But even then, I'd still look up to you.
          Goodbye, and enjoy your life!