Hey, I am an aspiring, novice wattpad writer. The majority of my books will be fanfiction. My first book will be a Corbyn Besson fanfic, but I'm not going to stick to only Why Don't We fanfics. In the future I'll probably do TMR/actors, Star Wars/actors, Harry Potter, and more. My books are going to be more professional and aesthetically pleasing than my bio, but I want to make this more personal  :)

MORE ABOUT ME: Besides writing, my hobbies include drawing/painting and I play guitar and the piano. I go by the pronouns She/Her. I love the books The Maze Runner and Harry Potter. I love Billie Eilish, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (great music btw), and Why Don't We (I've been a limelight since 2017😉🤌) Also I am very much in Corbyn's lane. I'm a big introvert, and that's most likely why I prefer staying home, reading wattpad, than going out.

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that moment u realize u start a million stories and never finish them ;)
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