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Still no update of loving maya????
          But I like the story....
          Update pleaseeeeee...... 


Hello, Please help me to promote my story
          Title: A Playful Destiny (On Going)
          Author: Romanticprincess02
          Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance
          A story of a typical type of girl who didn't forget the memories and his ex-boyfriend because until now she still have a feelings to him but the girl meet a naughty boy who decided to change because of her. But what a playful destiny a typical type of girl always encounter a tragic and unexpected scene because of the naughty boy who already fell inlove in the girl . But what will happened if she  met again his ex-boyfriend.  Is she going to choose his ex? Or the boy that she define as her karma and KAMALASAN?


Hi, if you have any spare time do you mind reading my book called Good At Being Bad. It would mean so much to me if you did, you don't have to if you don't what to though


Can anyone help me?? I’m desperately looking for a book I read on here a while ago! I hope it hasn’t been removed and I can’t remember the name. If someone’s read it this is how I remember it. 
          A guy and girl are engaged I think and the girls best friends brother who is so much younger than her, has always had a crush on her and they used to play together in a tree house I think when they were younger? 
          He really likes her and I think he has to live with her for a while and then the girls fiancé goes away to work or something and her and her sisters brother have sex I think and they fall for each other etc. lol I suck at describing it but I can’t remember. I HOPE someone can help me by telling me the name!!! 


This was like 4 years ago lol it’ll take me ages and I don’t even know if I voted -_- whoops 


@gizness if you voted on any of the chapters, go to your "activity" and scroll until you see it. :)


Hey so this is my ongoing story, I hope your promote book is still ongoing.
          Title: Don't Look Back
          Author: y0u2_d1am0nd_b1tch
          Time keeps on. Through troubles, pain and serenity alike. No matter what happens, time keeps on. It can't go backwards, it can't rewind. No matter how much we try, we can't turn back our past, we can't rewrite our history. I wonder, if he had know what was going to happen, would he have still made the same choice?
          Alright that's it and thank you very much!
          ~ keirani Lohr