First of all, my name is Kate Valentine, which you probably already knew. 

Yeah Kate is short for Katherine, but Katherine sounds like a character from the sound of music, so I'm Kate.

Second of all, I’m an actress, a writer, and performer and love everything creative. If you wrote a good story, I’ll tell you. If it sucks I’ll tell you as well, even though most people don’t exactly enjoy that.

Third and most important: If you judge me on ANYTHING but my writing that’s cool, just don’t expect to, you know, wake up the next morning or anything. Also, I’ve met several people I’ve actually grown to like on here, and if you mess with them I will do my very best to destroy you. I don’t make friends; I don’t like people and people don’t like me, yet if you somehow, magically cause me to notice you, I will be fiercely protective.

I have a dark sense of humor and can be seriously mean and harsh. Deal with it. The world needs painfully honest people. But just saying, if I tell you your writing sucks and needs some serious help, remember that I read through it in the first place, so it wasn't that bad. I like a fair fight. I admire people who comment back when I critique their work, that takes a lot of guts, but by arguing back you aren’t helping your writing. If I commented, I’m telling you what’s wrong with it and giving you an opportunity to see it through someone else’s eyes and you should take that, you’d be an idiot not to. I can make you feel like absolute crap, if you let me.

*I have black hair that's long enough to sit on
*I hate school. I've always hated school.
*I look younger than I really am
*I'm left-handed.

Be warned, I do bite. So watch out.

Now I'm bored with this. So go read some of my writing, or jump off a cliff, or be a rebel and run with scissors. But if you read something on here, comment.

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