Well I've been a member since July 2011! I found Wattpad thru a friend/ coworker, who writes awesome stories btw. U guys should check her out! Her name here is Karatechop lol anyway .... 
Well ....
favorite color: Red n black
Favorite food: Mexican, Italian, n Chinese!!!
Favorite hobby: reading obviously n laughing lol
Favorite actor: Johnny Depp (cuz he's simply awesome!!!)
Favorite person: my hubby, my two beautiful daughters, n my momma! Cuz I can't imagine a world w/o them!!!
Favorite place: Chicago cuz its where I was born, but don't live there no more .... Still visit often tho Go Chi-town!
Favorite uumm Idk wat else, can't think of anything else. Hmm a little of my personality... I'm patient, I'm pleased easily or so I've been told, I laugh a lot (not kidding, ask my friends n family, I get laughing attacks), I don't get mad too often or easily, I get distracted easily ( I forget to listen to people when I'm conversating, is that even a word? Hmm) n then jst blurt wat I'm thinking, which has nothing to do w/ the conversation or interrupt when they say something wrong, even tho I do it too cuz I like to make up my own words lol I have the heart of a child, or so I've been told too cuz I act like one sometimes, but its jst who I am. I work w/ kids so I kinda have to b one to b able to enjoy my job! Anyway.... I think that's it for now. See ya wouldn't wanna b ya! ;)
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