Fáilte! (That’s the Irish for welcome!) We don’t get a lot of sunshine here in Ireland but to keep me feeling sunny I write, although, not as much as I’d like to because I have a paid job that keeps me away from my laptop. Damned responsibilities….

Here are some random things that I like and don’t like.

Like: the smell of freshly washed laundry blowing in the wind, my daughter’s laugh, having warm feet, the colour of my dog’s eyes, cooing wood pigeons.

Things I don’t like: warm milk, liquorice, having cold feet, the smell of goats, drying off with a cold, wet bath towel.

Like many of you out there I’m dreaming of becoming a published author and when I do it will be another thing marked off my bucket list. It’s an ever-growing bucket list, and for fun I’m going to post it up here. (Not all of it, some stuff is just for me to know!)

Thanks for taking the time to check in on my profile.


Giddygoat’s Bucket List (As of April 2012)
1. See the Northern Lights.
2. Stroke a tiger.
3. Travel the USA.
4. Ride a motorbike. (A proper one, like a big growling Harley.)
5. Own an Audi TT.
6. Be published.
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giddygoat giddygoat Jan 14, 2015 09:41PM
@MadeInWicklow He's re-titled the book 'The Damed - Nowhere is safe. 1' but it, and all his other 'works' are now currently unavailable. I hope Amazon have blacklisted him. 
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