She-ra is a bad bitch. 

Hey Adora
Hey Catra

It seems Wrong Hordak's existential crisis has resolve

Did you just.. did you just wink at me?

Would you be my little quarantine?

gEt out the compAss lieS They don't control you, get out the compass lIes they don't control you
get out the compaSs lies they don't control you, get oUt the comPass lies they don't control you

Flameo Hotman

There is no movie in Ba Sing Se
Here we are safe
Here we are free

The Earth king has invited you to Lake Laogai

I'm Jet and these are my freedom fighters

Sapphire fire + Wang Fire= Kuzon Fire


Let the bodies hit the floor


East is up

"We're here with twentyonepilots(...) The lead singer Tyler Joseph and the drummer Todd"

I'll be right there
But you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air
If you need anyone

I'll stop my plans
but you'll have to tie me down
And then break both my hands
If you need anyone

Rebel red carnation helps my body run

OT5 and OT4 harmonizer
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The students at my school are literally geniuses of the same mind. The school disabled Microsoft teams in 7th period on Friday because kids wouldn't stop chatting and we discovered 4 ways to communi...
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