Since 1978, George Cacioppo has been a pioneer in the software engineering and technology sectors. Cacioppo hails from Suffolk County, New York, and has lived in the Northeast for more than 15 years, but now considers the West Coast to be his permanent home. He resides in the San Diego, California area with his wife and children. Cacioppo has been the visionary leader who has directed innovation, continuous improvement, and, most importantly, results throughout his outstanding professional career. His career to date has been remarkable in terms of creation, operation, and innovation in cloud-based high-capacity consumer digital commerce, media, and gaming.

Cacioppo began his professional career in 1978 as a Software Engineer at Hazeltine Industrial Products Division in Greenlawn, New York. He has continued to work there ever since. He was responsible for creating custom code for a broad variety of software systems in this job. After four years as a Software Engineer, George Cacioppo was appointed as the Engineering Manager by Digital Equipment Corporation (USA) in April 1982. He applied his extensive experience from his previous role to efficiently and successfully supervise the supply of font products for X-Windows-based desktop applications. Additionally, he established a number of procedures and processes for certifying and releasing a range of video terminals, as well as printing objects containing complex software.
  • San Diego, California
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