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Its one of my favorit books. Would u like to try out? I hope u like it. Thanks for the support.!
          Its called "when i awaken the dead,"
          (Titled from previous title roses blood)
          " What?! No way, " she said. Biting her lips to keep her tears in and lowered her old-fashioned dagger.
          "You tried to kill me? Your own line? The person who loved you the most?" He said and she did not notice the gleam of tears in his eyes and his cunning smile. " You can not kill me and you know that."
          She is as beautiful as a rose tough as the thorns, determined to solve a mystery of seven deaths with victims missing hands. 
          She goes deeper and deeper into the unknown mystery and it gets darker and darker. She gets afraid of revealing the truth of the case because a string of the mystery is connected to herself. When she cuts the string she dies with it.
          Will she able to survive the corrupted pith of her kingdom?!
          Will she die for Justice?
          Hard decisions she has to make.
          Forgiveness or revenge
          Life or death.
          Love or hate.
          The choices lies in her hands.