Romance stories are my guilty pleasure, particularly historical romances. I typically indulge in Wattpad romances on my iPod. I love the giddy feeling I get from the happily ever afters! Perhaps, one day, I'll pen my own romance novel. 

I wanted to be a writer when I was little. However, middle school grammar lessons and high school / college essays destroyed most of my writing aspirations. I'm rediscovering how much easier it is for me to convey my true thoughts and emotions through writing. Additionally, I've been harboring a yearning to pick up writing again. I would like to try my hand at the following genres (though probably not all at once): fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, horror, paranormal, action/adventure, short-story/narrative/memoir, etc.
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Chapter 2: Betrayed of "Until We Meet Again" is up! Please read & review! I'm in sore need of constructive criticism and grammar checks. 
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Until We Meet Again

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Description: Aria thinks she is no match for Xavier, the power-hungry regent, and his escalating autocratic campaign. Her world is turned upside down, inside out when her father mysteriously disappears and publicly denoun...


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