Creeps... Hehe oh well, just don't stalk me.

Im 17, a freshman in COLLEGE(: & well, I love to read.

My friends classify me as a crazy/smart/outrageous bubbly Hispanic(I'm Salvadorean)
I love partying. When I party, I PARTY! ;D Hey, enjoy life!
But, no drugs/alcohol for me. Well, not yet & hopefully not anytime soon...

I'm in love with Zac Efron<3 Have been since High School Musical One!(: He's my everything! lol
He's gorgeous and everything I would ever want in a guy.

Ok, so I love stories about....
Love/Romance(hehe I'm such a girl)
best Friends falling in love(hey, I love cliches)
the jock+nerd<3
Vampires(I am secretly a Cullen. Just have to get rid of Bella lol)
Werewolves(I have to admit that Taylor Lautner is hot, but I hate Jacob Black)
Arranged Marriages(Cuz theyre interesting)
& pretty much anything thats is funny and romantic(:

My best friend loved writing stories, & now, I do too. She's my beautiful/awesome/lesbian/crazy best friend. Lol I'm straight but I don't judge! She died though. She killed herself. RIP Kim. Its sad but I know she's still with me.

I've gone through a ton of things in my life, mom cheating on my dad, my mom hating me, being neglected by my dad and having to work sometimes three-two jobs to support my 3 other brother & sisters... so believe me when I say that life is hard but you just have to live everyday as it comes(:

So creepy stalkers, thats me.
Now, go read my stories!!!!!!(:
Please ahah XD

8 Facts.

1. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream!
2. I love the color Lime Green!
3. I'm not Mexican ;)
4. I have a PHOBIA of Alice in Wonderland(The old version)
5. I'm legally emancipated.
6. I'm scared of the Michael Meyer's theme song.
7. @JoceMarie is my little sister :D
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    With Zack Efron ;)
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    Dec 29, 2010 01:39AM
genesis4663 genesis4663 Oct 14, 2012 05:51PM
Okay can I have your email please? (:
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