I am a top secret spy for the government shhhhhhh. nah just kidding. I love to write. I am a vary creative person when I want to be and i love getting feedback on my story's. I love to be silly, creative, and crazy. I love the city but I am a country girl at heart. heck I sometimes even say y'all come back now ya here lol. jk. but for real I am a true country girl and you can tell from the way I talk. like I sometimes say y'all when I talk to a group and I have a country accent. it's not super thick but it's there. well I reckon that's all you lovely folks need to know about me. all the rest I pretty obvious
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strong (larry stylinson) by gemmapayne
strong (larry stylinson)
Dear Reader Now I know what you're thinking. oh great another vampire sob story. Well you couldn't be any fur...
midnight memories (ziall) by gemmapayne
midnight memories (ziall)
this is more of a filler story for strong until I get the papers with the story on it back. so until then I w...
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