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Really that's all she does??? What??? Once every or any guy kisses her and then remembers that she has a husband? Plus he is in trouble with the vultures at the Homefront (Alex & Natalie) spiked his drink oh and get this I think even Alex's is in on it for his son's sake to help boost his status. What the hell ppl???!!!

Why get mad???!!! At Chris? Is you think about he has been the perfect husband thinking about you and all you do is give everyone the opportunity and the wrong impression about you, Chris and your relationship.
      Take a real good look at yourself before getting all pissy with Chris.

I agree. But Melissa should know better than repeat her mistakes. Plus why wear the necklace James has given her with both their initials? Does she not consider her husband feelings in their relationship? Come on now, I know ur pregnant but  geez think of someone besides urself for once.