I love ballet and I still sorta kinda play the violin (hence, the username). I am 16, and a senior in high school dealing with college applications (cries). 

Very much WhoLock and way too many TV shows to mention.
I speak English and Spanish, learning German and hope to cover a few more languages!

Most recent and active story is The Corrupt Alliance, which is an adventure/romance set in 2100s North America. Featuring LGBTQ characters! Wow! But honestly, the story is in progress, and I would appreciate if anyone dropped a look on it. All other stories have been discontinued but I keep them up because it seems people like to read my writing from when I was...13? I might delete them later if Corrupt Alliance gets more momentum and I find too many people begging for new chapters on the stories that were last updated in 2011

Feel free to message me/talk to me/whatever.

My best, Karen

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gavotteindmajor gavotteindmajor Aug 02, 2014 11:56PM
I have returned from the wattpad dead and posted a new story that I've been working on for a while. Say Hello to "The Corrupt Alliance"!
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The Corrupt Alliance

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