Hi everyone! Well, I'm not very good with the About me, but here goes!

~ My name is Gaby!
~ I'm 19
~ I live in Texas
~ I dream of someday going to England (Totally obsessed with Europe lol)
~ I just graduated from SHMSTC. (Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center) Class of 2013! Go tigers!
~ Currently attending SHSU (Sam Houston State University) Class of 2017!
~ I love reading! Which is why it takes me forever to update because I'm reading books or stories or here.
~ I know I'm not the best writer out there (suck at details) so please leave any suggestions that will help me out!

I follow back...or is it fan back? Anyway just click the fan button and I'll do the same thing! Like I said, leave any suggestions and comments on what you think of the stories! I guess that's all! Bye!
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gabye95 gabye95 Feb 16, 2014 11:12AM
Chapter Two of Outlawed is finally posted!
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Description: Olivia was just like any other high school student. Worried about her grades, having fun with her friends, and wondering which boy would ask her to the homecoming dance. At least that was until David Cortez ca...


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