I basically read all kinds of genre and different ways of storytelling i stumble upon..

be it fairy tales (beauty & the beast is the best of them all for me), novels, be it in a series or not (definitely a POTTERHEAD, the first ever series i started reading from elementary until university days), classics (dracula and Pride and Prejudice are the best), manga, manhua, etc..

as of now im crazy for Chinese Light Novels.. i have at least 50 titles on my reading list.. the first LN i read that hooked me is Douluo Dalu (aka soul land) and i browse through different sites that have them at least 20 times a day (as i said., im an addict xp)...

if you want suggestions of these LN., i advice you to visit

PS. the ones in that site are not the only good ones out there (as you can see when you browse the site., there are only more than 10 LNs there) but you just click on the forum tab at the upper part of the site and you'll find other titles with their corresponding links once you browse through...

PPS: They say its a little weird that i read even those genre when im a girl and i just feel like rolling my eyes in full 360° every time i hear it.. jeezzz
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