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Ramadhan is the most blessed month in the year, and during this sacred time, good deeds are multiplied. What better time to give charity? 
          From the words of the prophet (ﷺ):
          “Wealth does not diminish by giving Sadaqah (charity)”
          Sahih Muslim
          Mosques, in general, need a large amount of money to maintain, and the daily outgoings are shocking! Maintainance, events, classes and so much more. 
          All these different things add up, and without your support, this masjid could eventually close down due to a lack of funds. 
          So what are you waiting for? 
          Make an investment for the hereafter today! 
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Would anyone like to check out my profile? I’m really into music and I’m emo :3 I have two fanfics as of right now, both of them about the band Bring Me The Horizon. One is an Age Regression book <3 Maybe leave a follow or vote? Thanks, and heres my most recent book to check out. It’s updated pretty regularly.


Good day! I'm writing a bts fanfafiction story, it is called "Your Eyes Tell."
          It is inspired by bts's song, your eyes tell. I update a new chapter every Saturday. 
          The truth untold that caused two lovers, Jeon Jungkook and Kang Young Mi to fall apart but it lets the two best friends, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung experience the feelings of loving someone, Kang Young Mi.
          "I'm drunk so this kiss means nothing to me and I hope you feel the same."
          What will happen when the truth has revealed? Will this complicated love have a happy ending?