Interviewer: Are you really engaged with Eleanor?
Louis: No, no, no.
[Harry tries to hide the smile]
Louis [to Niall]: I think Harry is fucking with me
[But the microphone was linked and all around the stadium heard]
Liam: [...] like two brothers who speak [...]
[pointing to Louis and Harry]
Louis: Brothers?
Nick Grimshaw: What's the best thing about your birthday that you get to unwrap?
Harry: I don't know If I can say that on radio.
Harry is beautiful -Louis Tomlinson
Interviewer: If you could wish for anything money can't buy, what would be?
Harry: Freedom.
Fan: What's the one thing you like the most about Harry?
Louis: His curls or his smell.
Liam: Why doesn't Harry kiss Lou?
Harry: Kiss me [mouthing to Louis]
Interviewer: If you could snog any artist in the world who would it be?
Harry: Adele
Harry [to Louis]: Sorry.
Louis: Who would you like to be your valentine if you could have anyone in the world?
Harry: You
Louis: That's just sex appeal at its finest
Harry: Yeah, it is
You should know 'His' is a better word
[Apparently Louis Tomlinson said this in 'Little Things' and Harry agreed]
Fans: Louis! Louis! [Ignored]
Fans: Larry! Larry! [turns faster than lightning]
Interviewer [show a picture of Regina Casé]: Would you face or run?
Liam: I think she looks like Harry.
Zayn: Yeah, she looks like Harry.
[Louis agree she looks like Harry]
[Liam and Zayn would face]
Louis: Marriage.
Interviewer: No kissing, just marriage.
Louis: Marriage, sex, kissing, the lot
Interviewer: Harry, who's most likely to get married first out of all of you boys?
Harry: I'm say, Louis is a sly dog.
Harry: I've always wanted to call my daughter Darcy
Fans: Aww.
Louis: Darcy... I sure I know
[Liam says something I didn't understand]
Louis: No, no really dude.
Niall: A bit too early.
Harry: Whoops!
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