Hi my name's Fran.

My favourite animal are dogs. They are just adorable!

Playing sports is one of my hobbies. I mainly play badminton.

I love reading novels and the books here on wattpad.

I'm also really easy to talk to as well :D

I have a passion for writing and i'm currently in the process of writing two books:

Why not me? and

I fell in love with my best friend.

It may seem that I don't update often but I am always writing and coming up with new ideas for my books. So just hang in there if you are reading them :)

When people read and vote for my books, it gives me motivation, which makes me write even more and update quicker. I really appreciate the people who are currently reading my books :)

Fran xox

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@Strange-Love98 Hey Nat! How many accounts do you have now?  Xox
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Why not me?

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Description: Why not me? April-Crystal Rose is a 15 year old girl who has the looks, the hair, the attitude but not really the height and the 'stereotype' body everyone wants to have. Boys are always hitting on her and Ap...


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I fell in love.... With my best friend

I fell in love.... With my best friend

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