I'll be back on the 18th of December (1.) to update (and hopefully finish) most of my ongoing stories; (2.) to answer messages; and (3.) to launch a new story. Yes it will take some time bec I only have vacay during the holiday seasons. I'm just too swamped up with work rn but I promise I'll give you abundant chapters every other day thereafter. 

.ƒĢ. Secretly Married (Published & Soon to be a Major Motion Picture)
- Teen Fiction | Romance

.ƒĢ. Reyna ng Kamalasan (Published)
- Humor | Teen Fiction

.ƒĢ. I Heart Kuya (Hiatus)
- Super Teen Fiction LOL

.ƒĢ. Fire and Ice (Ongoing)
- Modern Regency Romance | Humor

.ƒĢ. The Black Operations (Ongoing)
- Spy Genre Fiction | Romantic Suspense

.ƒĢ. (My Heart is Always...) Yours (Ongoing)
- Edgy Romance | Humor
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forgottenglimmer forgottenglimmer 4 months ago
Hi readers, sorry for being incommunicado(as per usual lols). I just have a lot on my plate rn. Anyhoo, I'm just dropping by to invite you to grab a copy of "A Latte Like Love". It's a novel which @b...
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Secretly Married .ƒĢ. (Published & Soon to be a Major Motion Picture)

Social data: 65.2M reads. 611K votes. 91.1K comments.

Description: Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the biggest stars in the country, Kent Fuentabella. Their secret? They’ve been secretly married. Of course, no one can know. That’s Kent Fuentabella, for goodness’ s...

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Yours .ƒĢ. (Ongoing Series)

Yours .ƒĢ. (Ongoing Series)

29.9K 1K 219

It's not that she doesn't want to, but Shall Cruz cannot cry. She seems to have lost the ability to shed...

Reyna ng Kamalasan .ƒĢ. (Published)

Reyna ng Kamalasan .ƒĢ. (Published)

33.2M 401K 71.3K

Siya si Zylie. Hindi siya clumsy, galit lang siguro sa kanya ang sahig, bully lang talaga ang mga mesa’t...

#91 in Romance
Fire and Ice .ƒĢ. (Ongoing Series)

Fire and Ice .ƒĢ. (Ongoing Series)

640K 14.3K 3.7K

Symphony of Frost and Flame. All about Fire, a prince with a savaged temper, and Ice the indifferent fir...

The Black Operations .ƒĢ. (Ongoing Series)

The Black Operations .ƒĢ. (Ongoing Series)

26K 848 137

Rossann takes another name-- Calista. And she will dig hell to find Kael, the man she loves and the one...

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