Merry Christmas everyone! Have a great holiday! Excited for what is soon to come 


Ily!! Merry Christmas!! Also reading the Pure and love it 


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          Sorry for the spam but i really want the 100 read this week x
          I will promote your story to in one of my chapters❤


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          I have been working on this book since last November and it was really special/personal to me then but I am ready to share it now!
          It is a fantasy teen romance novel that surrounds Jade the main character who is indeed bisexual and has to choose between either a human male who is also her longtime best friend or the powerful Drear who has begun to steal her heart. 
          Read the description for more info! 
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          Let me know what you think!
          Love you guys!


how often do you update In what world? I’m addicted 


As often as I can but I am looking to update a lot more because I am on my winter break until January! So hopefully more often now! Thank you for liking the story❤️