Hey this is my changed bio because I'm a thirsty slut for followers and nobody was following me with my last bio.  


So I'm Jasmine, But like call me anything. Bitch, Slut, Cunt, Whore, Slightly over obsessed with Ryan Ross.

I was born on August 25th, I'm a summer baby. I hate summer and heat though.

Condoms :
Panic! At The Disco
My Chemical Romance
Twenty One Pilots
Ryan Ross because he deserves his own goddamn fucking galaxy of fans.
Dan and Phil.
One Direction (I'm really sorry, I fell in love with Larry and then everybody else.)
Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinson
Niall Horan
Liam Payne
Kind of Fall Out Boy
Frank Iero and The Patience

Sorry I meant fandoms not condoms^
Also if you're wondering why I put the music instead of the names of the actual fandoms it's because I think they're all cringey names. Except the clique, I don't even wanna be in it,
But I refuse to leave.

Boats :
Ryden (OTP)
Larry Stylinson
Also just to assure you, I only believe that most of these exsisted in the past except Joshler and Larry. Joshler Just has really good smut, And Larry is still married.

So like, I really need to explain that my love for Ryan Ross is unhealthy. Like it's painfully unhealthy and I obsess over him and cry over him and I think he deserves everything. So if you wanna be my friend, 1. Ryan will probably come before you and 2. Expect Ryan Ross spam on anything, Pictures, Songs and Paragraphs on my never-ending love for him.

If you wanna know anything else about me rEaD mY sPaM aNd TaG bOoK.

Message me if you want but I have anxiety so don't expect a response because I avoid new people like the plague.

I love you all, Even if you're a massive cock sucking mother fucker.
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