To the lovely person reading this-
I love you :)
I am Rachael and I love bands
I'm 18 years old and I seem to always be going to concerts.
I try to reply to all messages and yeah.
stay gorgeous x

um some hobbies of mine:
walking ;)

Look left...

You failed ;)

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Mentally dating My Chemical Romance or One Direction
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    in the middle of a gun fight, in the centre of a restaurant
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foodfightswith_niall foodfightswith_niall Oct 20, 2015 02:17AM
I am actually writing a new story...... I'm not dead! I have just been really busy and struggling to find inspiration but aye I'm back
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Cheerleaders Aren't Meant To Fall For Guys Like You. (ON HOLD)

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Description: being a teenager is hard right, mhmm thats what I thought, what happens when you are super popular and like and outcast...mhmm I know what you are thinking, nooo not another cliché opposites attract love story...


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