A7X is my favorite band... no competition. 

R.I.P. James Owen 'The Reverend Tholomew Plague' Sullivan.
You will be missed foREVer.

"Plans of what our futures hold, foolish lies of growing old.
It seems we're so invincible, but the truth is so cold.
A final song, a last request, a perfect chapter laid to rest.
Now and then I try to find a place in my mind where you can stay, you can stay awake foREVer."
A7X ~ So Far Away

The best day in my life: when I got my little cousin to call me "The Rev" as my secret code name :D

Synyster Gates.. You call him my obsession. I call him my addiction <3
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foREVerSynyster foREVerSynyster Jun 17, 2012 06:52PM
I'm sad to announce, I will be putting writing on hold until probably July. And I'm sorry for not updating in a while. I'm still trying to get used to my stepdad not being here and every time I try t...
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A Perfect Chapter Laid to Rest (A7X Fan Fiction)

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Description: Everything seems fine with Jimmy Sullivan when he goes over Brian's house to watch a movie with him and Camryn - Jimmy's cousin and Brian's girlfriend. But the next morning, nothing seems right when friends, f...


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