Don't mind me, updating stuff, has been like years since I glanced at this account, will make better bio sometime in future.
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Stories by fluteplayerXD
The Seraphim Project by fluteplayerXD
The Seraphim Project Science Fiction
Kite is a 15-year-old, genetically engineered angel. She lives in a house in the middle of nowhere with her group of misfits, other genetically engineered creations. For seven years, they were left alone to live th...
Michael by fluteplayerXD
Michael Short Story
Among some of my friends, Michael is a joke that we have made time and again about the elevator in our gym. One day, one of my friends, knowing I was a writer, told me "What if Michael was real?" Which sp...
Dreaming of Dragons by fluteplayerXD
Dreaming of Dragons Fantasy
Dreah lives in a secluded village plagued with some real pests: dragons. Dreah grew up hating and fearing them, but that may change when she meets Calem, the village Chief's son, who seems to have taken an interest...