Hi. Call me flute. :) I decided to try out wattpad since inkpop got shut down (to all of those that knew me on inkpop, HIIIII!!!!!!!). I am a total band nerd (as if my username didn't make that obvious enough). 

My favorite genres: Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Romance (as long as it also includes one of the other genres)

On the covers of all of my books, I have the author as "fluteplayer" instead of "fluteplayerXD". fluteplayer was my username on inkpop, and is still my username on figment, so it's become a habit. The only reason it's not fluteplayer here is because that was already taken. :(
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Stories by fluteplayerXD
Dreaming of Dragons by fluteplayerXD
Dreaming of Dragons Fantasy
Dreah lives in a secluded village plagued with some real pests: dragons. Dreah grew up hating and fearing them, but that may change when she meets Calem, the village Chief's son, who seems to have taken an interest...
The New Hunger Games by fluteplayerXD
The New Hunger Games Fanfiction
Keena Thorogood lives a century after Katniss made the decision to have the Hunger Games with tributes from the Capitol. Things have changed, and now the Capitol is not the shiny, perfect place it once was. Keena i...
Marching in the Dark by fluteplayerXD
Marching in the Dark Teen Fiction
When sixteen-year-old Melody Goldman is in a car crash, the part of her brain that allows her to see is… damaged. Now blind, she realizes how many of the things she loves to do are impossible now. Reading. Writing...
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