i got my bedsheets, pulled right out from under me, can't keep hiding whats been underneath no fancy covering you get just what you see. you get, you get. breaking down, let the words fall from my mouth. all the things you'll never know. all the things i never shown. hear me out, cause i never made a sound. couldn't keep it locked away. couldn't take it to the grave. never thought i'd give it all away but i set myself free. never thought i'd give it all away but i need you to see.
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uncovering serendipity by flusteredreams
uncovering serendipity
at 00:00 a lot of running away happened. cinderella ran leaving prince charming flustered. but unlike cindere...
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13 REASONS WHY I HATE YOU by flusteredreams
13 REASONS WHY I HATE YOU. oh ps, not affiliated with thirteen reasons why
rem is rage two | ♡ by flusteredreams
rem is rage two | ♡
a book dedicated to everyone i appreciate #529 | ss / september 23, 2k17 #539 | ss / september 24, 2k17 #509...
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