legally twenty.
physically sixty-five.
mentally a twelve year old boy.

o b s e s s e d
with all things
b i g cities
a n d

i have five t a t t o o s.
makes me feel b a d ass.
even though i'm very s h y.

i break my own h e a r t
more than o t h e r s do.

i want to be a writer
that s p e a k s and
comforts the
l o n e l y
like others
have comforted
m e.

forever a
r o m a n t i c.

i only r e m e m b e r
to breathe at the bottom edges
of the o c e a n.

paint b e a u t i f u l sunsets
on my w a l l so i only see
beautiful t h i n g s.

i am hard to l o v e
but if you l o v e me, i will
always make you feel like
you're l a y i n g in a bed
of c a l l a lilies.

i will chase my d r e a m s
until i am consumed by
every ounce of its m a g i c.

nothing satisfies me more
than the way l a n a del
rey sings h o n e y.

i binge watch
criminal m i n d s
and law & order: s v u
like no other.

don't hurt my
baby r e i d.

❝no one is safe from heartache -
might as well love dangerously.❞

❝he said loving me was like loving
1,000 souls and when i wrote another
story, he said 1,001.❞

❝i write stories so i can live
vicariously through my characters.❞

❝maybe by the time this song is done
i will be able to be honest, capable
of holding you in my arms
without letting you fall
when i don't feel beautiful & stable
maybe it's enough
just to be where we are.❞

❝in the end, we all just want someone
who chooses us over everyone else.
under any circumstances. ❞

❝if a writer falls in love with you, you
can never die.❞

❝when a boy says he's perfect, i ask
him what book he's from. ❞

❝my heart is an unmade bed; it might
look messy, but i swear it's a safe place
to rest.❞

❝if nothing else, i can promise to
keep your hands warm and your
heart warmer.❞

❝good girls go to heaven
and bad girls go everywhere.❞

my reading lists go to e i g h t y.
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