I'm sure everyone's familiar with Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) I'm in the middle of a fanfic for it! The problem is that it's a yaoi between Eren and Rivaille(Levi). It's a AU where Rivaille is a soldier and Eren is his's not very good but it's my first ever AU. It's part of the learning process so it's fine if it's not least I hope. If no ones interested I won't continue but if someone wants to read, tell me, I'll post it :3 Well I doubt anyone would still read my messages so it's okay if I'm ignored haha


who am i kidding i'm talking to a dead profile. if anyone wants to know- this profile is dead, gone forever (i think).
          the last time author has been here is 2014 (i have my sources)
          so...yeah. and author-chan, if you're somehow still there...welcome back (∩_∩)


Aw my emojis didn't show *tear*


Ughhhhhhh I want her to write more it took me 2 days to read her last book and I'm having withdraws


:) i hope to hear from you again author-chan.
          though, i know it's impossible, see you next time :D


Your profile picture is awesome  Can't believe you drawn it on your own... Anyway Sasoris death killed me too your not the only one 


have you read 'Setting The  Wolf Free'( Naruto fanfic ) ?? its amazing !! and don't forget to read the prequel ..... :)

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