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yoυr leader wιтн all yoυr нearт

yoυr depυтy wιтн reѕpecт and loyalтy

everyвody lιĸe a мedιcιne caт, ready тo нelp and lead

lιĸe an apprenтιce wнo doeѕn'т ĸnow everyтнιng

oтнerѕ aѕ ιғ yoυ were a qυeen proтecтιng yoυr ĸιтѕ

lιĸe a ĸιт, wιтн advenтυre waιтιng aт every тυrn...

тнaт ιѕ тнe way oғ a warrιor.
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Warrior Cat Quotes

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Description: A huge collection of Warrior Cat Quotes, straight from the Erins.

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Guess The Warrior Cat!

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This is inspired by Shadow_Umbreon's! And yes, I do have permission to do this.

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.:: VOTED BEST LAUGH IN @WARRIORSWATTYAWARDS ::. In a magical land around a lake, there are four clans o...

Chica247 posted a message to firestar4ever
This is kind of a stupid question XD, but, how do you PM someone? I've been wanting to request a quote for your Warrior Cats quotes but I have no idea what PM means.