I love reading and that is all you need to know about that. If you wanna know more, ask.
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filmmaker007 filmmaker007 Nov 06, 2014 10:52PM
Target part 7 updated, in case anyone is interested!!!!!
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A Werewolf's Mate

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Description: This is the story of Pierce. She used to think she was a normal girl, but normal is not the norm in her family. She is a freak among freaks, almost unnatural... To put it mildly, with out giving anything away...


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Alex Parker is a deadly weapon, of probable mass destruction. She is a Deathdealer, a for hire assassin...

Forget me not (On hold for a while.)

Forget me not (On hold for a while.)

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The title says it all. Quinn is not an average girl, in her mid-twenties. She is a powerful, business dr...

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