Hey, what's up??? I have now decided that everyone should call me Abrielle because it's just a freaking awesome, sexy sounding name. So deal with it!!! I couldn't think of any cute nicknames that a lot of people have right on the spot and I always liked this name.

I absolutley love to read and write and love cats! They're soooo fluffy!

Anyway, writing is my passion and I really want to be an author!!! So, please read and comment. I'm super fun to talk to, no joke! I think I'm quite witty, and obviously so modest! ;D If I spell things wrong, it's because I have issues. I hate it when I'm staring at a word and it doesn't look like one. My least favourite word to look at: ceiling. It just bothers me! the more I stare at it, the more I'm sure it's not even a freaking word! Blahh!!!

Just so you know, I'm RANDOM!!! AHHHH!! <3 <3 <3 Yay for randomness!! I love everyone who reads my works!! I LOVE YOU! Also, I get hyper a lot! Ha ha ha! *chill*

I'm totally calm. . .

So, I love music, basically ANY type. If you tell me to listen to a song, I totally will! I love listening to new music!!! Seriously, any type. I won't be offended if you tell me to listen to a song!

Also, I have a split personality. One is "Hailey", who is super hyper and loves shiny things! She's the super hyper one and random! The other one is "Rachel", who is calm and composed and sighs at the "Hailey" part of her. Although, she is also quite random. But, "Hailey" and "Rachel" are best friends, even though they are different.

Ha! Not really, I don't have multiple personality disorder!!! I worried you there for a second!!! :D

Hailey: OMG!! Shiny things!!

Rachel: Hailey, no! Put the computer down!!!! *attacks Hailey and wrestles the computer away*

Hailey: Look, SHINY!! *runs over and chews on the tv*

Rachel: *smacks herself in the head* Don't eat the tv! What's wrong with you!

Hailey: SUGARRRR! MINE!! *snatches away the cookie that Rachel was eating*

Rachel: *sighs in aggravation* Sorry, guys. . .
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@werty99 I really wish I could fix it exactlly like it was on my other channel but when I was doing stuff to switch it over to this channel my computer got a virus and crashed. I lost all the files...
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