I want to be able to share my writing with the world, and I am so glad to have found Wattpad! I have enjoyed the response to my writing and hope to be able to continue to put it out there! If you want to chat, I am happy to correspond. If you want me to read your writing, please send me a PM, don't post it to the comments section of my books, or to my homepage. I will be happy to promote your work if I like it, or see potential. 

I am a mom, wife, doctor and writer. I am very busy with the first three and scrounge for time for writing. I love stories that help me checkout of harsh reality for a little while and transport me to a new world. I try to add some of that to my stories. Please be patient with me, as I often upload slowly due to my other demands, but if you are willing to hang in there, I will update.
Some of my favorite reads include Harry Potter, The Fallen series, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, and many others like it. Check out my book shelf at http://www.shelfari.com/tiredmama

I started reading books on Wattpad and thought I would try my hand at putting my work out there and see what people think. I would appreciate any constructive criticism, comments, votes or anything you can send my way to encourage me in my work.

I recommend:
@morganalefay now @starknightchanter

Book Covers by @Darklisa721 for the new cover for The Guardian Chronicles Book One: Finding Grace.
@writexmusic for The Guardian old cover, @Sparkes for the Wet Dream cover.

A reader so awesomely put together a playlist for the Guardian, of the songs that head each chapter. I think that is so cool, so sweet, so amazing. This is the youtube link:
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To all of the readers, followers new and old, thank you. I have been very busy finishing my residency. Third year has not given me any breaks. I am excited to be near the end of my training, and will...
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The Guardian Chronicles Book 2: Saving Grace

Social data: 173K reads. 4.9K votes. 547 comments.

Description: Sequel to The Guardian Chronicles: Finding Grace. Please read Book one before reading into book two as it will give you details about the story. Xavier has roamed the Western hemisphere for several centuries...


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The Guardian Chronicles Book One: Finding Grace

The Guardian Chronicles Book One: Finding Grace

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{WATTY'S 2012 finalist} ***Formerly The Guardian*** Evan Whitman is a emergency trauma physician with a...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List