I love writing because it's sort of like releasing myself and letting out the things I often think about.
I often wish I was really talented but sadly, I'm just a girl with an imagination.
When I grow up, I want to travel around the world.
You could say I have a strong distaste in reality. I'm one of those people who stay awake at night thinking and dreaming of things that are impossible.
No, I am not popular but I guess I'm good enough to have a couple of friends by my side.
I have a strong attachment to certain TV Shows.
I also have a strong attachment to certain celebrities to the point that I have a very high expectation of almost everything. I guess you can say half of my life revolves around celebrities.
I love food, and no I do not have a perfect body. Never had, and obviously, never will.
I have never smoked, drank nor party to the point where I pass out.
I'd rather stay in front of my laptop the whole day than get wasted.
I have done nothing badass to the point where I can brag about it but I do like to be a bit mischievous.
I'd like to get a poem tattooed to my body.
I do make a lot of jokes which no one finds funny.
I don't think too highly of myself.
I swear quite a lot.
I love music, it's simply intoxicating and I have a soft spot for One Direction.
I like fanfics that has a little bit of kick in it.
I love reading. So much. It's like music to me.
And I can be a little competitive.
If I find out someone copied any of my works or posted it on another site without my permission, there's a huge possibility I can sue you. Trust me.

Well if you took time to read this, thank you. :) xx
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i used to be @h8reality but i had to change my name due to my classmates finding out
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