X taking a break from writing, currently. Happy reading and writing to everyone out there! X

Forever shall it be the mysteries in life that fuel our curiosity and forces us to keep our heads held high in search of answers, while making the best out of the things that enter into our lives along the way. And with that said, I am certain that one could assume that I am a lover of stories that always have some hidden mystery in them or that manage to toss in a twist that makes my head spin with pure wonder and amazement.

I absolutely hate being fooled, however I love it at the same time. A story that manages to trick my keen eye for noticing the normally unnoticeable that writers try to lace in so subtlety into their stories must be quite the read and completely worth my time. Honestly, to many stories are predicable now days...I enjoy the rare unique, unexpected ones that jump right out and sink their teeth into you.

To be honest, I have an issue. That issue is this: I tend to start out with a simple plot that I think will stay that way--however, half way through writing the dang thing I end up coming up with a much more complex one and have to try and integrate it into the story without rewriting the whole thing. It's a pain. But, on the plus side, you'll never know what's coming next >:).
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fantasy343 fantasy343 Sep 05, 2015 06:24AM
@GloomyMermaid avoid all these stories! Lol. None are finished, for starters, and they are old, meaning they are far from my best work :/. Im rewriting On His Leash, though, and will start posting it...
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