Hey peeps! (")> 
I'm blonde through and through. 'Nuff said.
I was born in the city of coffee and now live in the land of potatoes. :)
I love Jesus with all my <3 and hope someday I will get to see him in heaven!
Reading, writing, instagramming, photo-taking, texting, talking, and Facebook stalking are a few of my fay-vore-i-tee things! :)
My many talents include: walking, drawing, writing, and patting my head and rubbing my stomach. Which takes quite a lot of skill let me assure you.
I'm an iPhone, Instagram, picture-taking, Disney, cheesecake and Wattpad addict.
1D forever! <3
14 years young.
I also like pina coladas (in shaved ice form), and getting caught in the rain (if I'm inside).
I'm American by birth, but British at heart. <3
Sooooo.... yeah. If you want to know more, then you're either devoted or crazy.
So GO AWAY!! Haha jk.
Omigosh that rhymed!

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Posting Schedule:
Big Break- Every other week on Saturday.
Book of Secrets- Whenever people reach the desired amount of votes/comments.

Highest postition my books have been in:
Book of Secrets- #6 Spiritual, #251 Teen Fiction
Big Break- #822 Teen Fiction, #136 Humor
Vibrant- #136 Spiritual
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fantastically fantastically Jan 10, 2013 06:40PM
@sweet_moonbeam I am so sorry for the long wait, but I FINALLY uploaded The Big Break. If I'm ever late for an update, just let me know so I can post the next part! And again, so sorry! Thanks for yo...
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