Sup boo I'd like to say hay.

°I got no time to be who people want me to be. I'm me and that's who you're gonna get. I'm so amazing I don't fit into societys tiny little box.

°I'm atheist but I support whatever you believe in.

°Gender rolls honestly don't exist to me. Like fuck that I don't need to dress or act like a certain way to be who I identify as. I don't judge you so be you boo.

°I'm a pansexual pirate and I love all the booty 😜 I might literally only read boyxboy but that doesn't mean I prefer boys. When I see someone I imagine them with another person not with me. I have to know you to like you.

°I'm male.

°I don't listen to a specific type of music. It all depends on if I like a song or not.

°I like the animes Black Butler, Attack On Titan, Love Stage, ect. And I LOVE Yuri!!! On Ice!

°Favorite tv show at the moment is SKAM!

°OTP is Isak and Even!

°I love food. A way to my heart is through my stomach. That's figurative please don't shove a knife in my stomach to my heart.

°I like puppy play (seriously more people need to write more on puppy play), ddlb, incest, daddy kinks, guys wearing panties (such a huge fetish of mine), tentacle sex, power bottoms, ect.

°I read more manga (or any other name for the Korean or Chinese version) then I watch anime.

°I mostly just read boyxboy. Recommend me boyxboy books. Also anyone who writes boyxboy please look at what I like above and write about it or just please pm me so I can request you write something.

°'I Hunt Killers' by Barry Lyga is one of my favorite book series so far.
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