Hello there !!

I am NOT new to Wattpad , this just my second account where I`ll be (probably) posting some poetry .
Or some stories , or both lol

~Some random facts about me ~

~I hate school ( who doesn`t ???)
~I`m in loveeeee with chocolate
~Not exactly a bookworm , but give something that is mystery or has magic or vamps in it , I`ll read it in a blink of an eye
~ Potter rules !!!! Add me on Pottermore if you want - HowlEye31238
~ If you try to give me a cheeseburger or a hamburger or something that has meat in it , I`ll slap you . I`m not kidding . I`m a let`s say ....... 78% vegetarian ( I don`t eat meat , but I drink milk and eat cheese )
~ You want to ask me something ? PM or chat me . I promise , I don`t bite . Much ;)
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