I am a fangirl of so many things ranging from biological and astronomical matters to Supernatural, Harry Potter to Panic! At The Disco to 30 Seconds to Mars... 
Currently working in 2 projects.

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" I want to know how many scars you have and memorize the shape of your tongue. I want to climb the curve of your lower back and count your vertebrae; your ribs, your fingers, your goosebumps... I want to chart the topography of your anatomy and be fluent in your body language. I want you, entire."
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fallenAngelcode007 fallenAngelcode007 2 years ago
Hey peeps!
      SO, I updated Demonology and I am currently working with "Letters..."
      The plot twist in Demonology (not much of a plot twist) had to happen in order for the story to develop. Please don't...
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Description: Delilah Winchester's path goes apart from her brothers as she sees the separation between them as the solution to all her problems. Living with Bobby, she decides to stay with the old man until her inminent de...


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Forbidden Desires

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Angelology (n) Theological doctrine of angels and/or it's study. Delilah Winchester is the newest hunte...


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