i found this website with a friend randomly...i started reading one story and then i started readin more and more some were amazing...
so i want to start writting i cant promise im good..
so about me (:
im 17
i love reading and writting
im addicted to sweets, by favorite is skittles and chocolate (:
Take and I'm proud (:
im really short yayyy for me!! i wouldnt want to be tall(: im 5 foot
i dont like that twlight shit its horrible to all vampire stories
i love talking to anyone i have no one type of people i like talking to
im crazy but not that weird physco crazy the good crazy and im always hyper
i play volleyball,soccer,
i dance and sing and im starting modeling
i have caramel brown eyes and brown ish blonde hair naturally
im German, Spanish, Italiano,french,native american and more..yeah im a mutt...ohh well
i can speak french,Spanish,Italian, and some german
Oh and that dog in the background is my puppy shes a husky with cute grey blue eyes her name is Mimiteh. Shes my baby
sooo yeahh i dont no what else to sayy
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    Jan 22, 2012 02:41AM
faithlol102 faithlol102 Dec 15, 2012 01:43AM
@Blaine013 welcome (: @embrace_passion welcome and im enjoying them alot their amazing and funny keep going on with the stories 
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