And tongues and cheeks you for their for their mandibular crown prep's you know I I would say don't forget that from dental scoring of keep that in your bag of tricks if you're struggling. With with getting your composite restorations to last if you feel like it like you're getting a good bond because or maybe contamination their full rubber dam in the back to how it happened. Will know for me I was doing a crown prep on on number 19 and thinking and and wishes to have an old real hard time keeping the patient's tongue out of the way and was fighting and fighting. At some point I think I just… Your limits try rubber dam just kind of out of frustration like those wanting else I could think of and so you are still to put on it and everything went smooth. After that so skylight that was the epiphany moment for me and I got back using guy I think I probably went about a year or so after graduation that use one and then you know.
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