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Fahad Al Tamimi is one of Europe's leading architects creating cutting-edge building designs across a diverse portfolio of projects.
Fahad Al Tamimi - Education

Born in Dubai but raised in London, Fahad Al Tamimi was an extremely gifted artist in his youth, winning national awards for his work and having installations in several prominent UK galleries. Having studied art and design at school, Fahad opted to utilise his extensive visual and design skills by applying them to a career in Architecture. Whereas art gave Al Tamimi a strong sense of creativity, it was the practical capabilities of architecture which allowed him to fulfil his passion not only for beauty but also for functionality.

Fahad Al Tamimi - Further Education

After completing an Art Foundation degree, Fahad applied for one of the leading architectural schools in London and was lucky enough to be offered a full scholarship owing to his prodigious talent and eye for practical design. During his studies, Al Tamimi worked with pupils from other engineering and design backgrounds as well as other artists, who had made the move into the field. Fahad honed his skills for critical thinking and developed a passion for experimental ways of working which he has followed into his career.

It was during this period that Al Tamimi developed a strong architectural identity and personality by nurturing a diverse range of interests from his classmates and lecturers. It is this sense of identity and a firm belief in cutting-edge design solutions which have made Fahad Al Tamimi one of the most exciting architects to gain prominence in recent years. While taking courses in history, theory, media and technology, the young architect supplemented his studies by undertaking exciting work placements, whereby, he built an unparalleled list of contacts within the industry and had already created a name for himself before he had even graduated university.
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