My name is Amy. I really don't like my name but I can't think of a better one that would fit me. I love photography, coffee, cats, books, and sweaters. I wish I had more sweaters. I want a mini-fridge and permission to dye my hair for my birthday. My favorite store is either Tim Horton's or Plato's Closet. I really want to take some photography classes. I'm obsessed with instagram and tumblr. I'm excited for school so I can see some cute boys again. I'm terrified of going back to math. I'm a really bad friend and I'm terrible at writing. I never finish anything. I wish I knew more amazing music like Lorde, RHCP, etc.


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Description: I wrote this so long ago, but I still feel empty and alone. I want anyone who feels like this to know that they aren't the only ones. And promise me you'll be safe, always.


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