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Description: Ellen made a decision.It seemed to be a very wise one. But you can never predict what may come out of your decisions..Some secrets are better left unknown.The truth is not always pleasant .The reality is often opposite of the world in which you are...

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My Dear

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Unchartered Territory

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Two stories.Two people.Two different worlds.They are not connected, but they could be. They are lonely...



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"I know you still aren't convinced Doll Face and you may still think people like me don't know anything about sanity or what is normal..." He began, his hand still tangled in my hair as my head refus...
I agree with Mason. She shouldn't care about that girl. She destroyed life's. She was hell. And maybe it's not the best way of her to die, but cmon guys why do even think she would eat the cake, if he looked not as something she would eat and she seems to be one of those girls who couscous  about weight. There were many cakes in the fridge, the one they baked is probably eaten anyways. Mason not stupid he knew possibility to actually kill her is slim. So don't be so   Preoccupied with the cake. This story is dark. I want them to be this generation Bonnie and Clyde. It's high likelihood it will end tragically. It's their kind of affair. It's beautiful so beautiful, gripping yet dark. I applaud the other of accuracy of portraying mental illness, how fragile line is of diagnosis and normality. If you are different and you been told so many times you are mentally ill, perhaps you become crazy. I also want to thank her for following story and not giving in for the pressure. This book in wattpad right now, for which updates I actually wait. Brilliant